Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Lipstick

Note to self... must hide red lipstick better!
Note to other mothers... beware of reading Olivia Forms a Band and then buying red lipstick for a princess party game!

Mikey Mike

I often look at Mike and think to myself... what would life be without Mike! (of course I think that about Abbey too) Mike came into our lives to bring peace, innocence and simple happiness during a time when it was much needed.
He was such a blessing from my Heavenly Father!! He arrived exactly a month after mom passed away. I often worried about him while I was pregnant. That all my sadness and stress about mom and our circumstances would create a unbalanced baby.
Boy was I wrong, and glad to be! He has been such a good baby boy and very sweet. Anyone who knows Mike would tell you the same. The easiest way to describe him would be happy go lucky, easy going, and sensitive. He brings so much joy into our family.
I get really sad thinking about how fast he is growing up. He will be one in three months!! I can't believe that!

Tomorrow he hits his nine month mark. Here is what he has to show for it...
pulling himself up on something to stand, just starting to balance himself while standing without something to hold on to, getting ready to start walking with things, his own version of clapping, a playful attitude, first tooth in October, five teeth all at once (two front and sides and second bottom)!, a love for guitar and drum sticks, a healthy appetite for food, a love for bath time, a healthy fear of crazy Abbey, signs of being a "deep thinker"(note above picture), a contagious giggle and love for tickling, love for soft blankets and stuffed animals, a love his crib... and there is so much more

Friday, November 14, 2008

Princess Party

My little Abigail has turned three years old and we had a royal party in her honor. I have been stalling on blogging this occasion for a couple of reasons. One, I'm in denial that my little baby girl is growing up! Two, I wanted to get all sentimental and create this wonderful reflection of the last three years of Abigail's life... but can't bring myself to do it, again, due to denial. Three, Christine and Carrie have some good pictures of the party which I didn't get and I wanted to get them (still haven't done this). And four, I'm still in October, anyone else? These last months have been very uncomfortably flying by!! So, in spite of all my reasons I'm just getting more and more behind in blogging (its already the middle of November!) and decided to bite the bullet and blog about Ab's party.

Abbey is very much into the princess phase of little girlhood! I love it and am more than happy to oblige this phase. That meant we had to have a princess themed party complete with a castle cake...

(yes Tim and I stayed up all night making this cake by ourselves! and I pictured it looking a lot better in my mind... just didn't have the time!)

Princess decorations including the pinata...

(I think it was just obvious to Abbey that she was going to have a pinata with candy at her party, all her cousins had one so thats what all party's have right!)

and of course we had to have princess and prince party favors!...

The girls had hats and wands, the boys crowns and swords. Behind the kids is my home made game of kiss the frog, my version of pin the tail on the donkey. They all got to wear bright red lipstick and it was so cute to see there little kisses on the poster. Shot out to Jill's kids who had the best puckers!

Now for our royal guests... or at least some of them... here is princess Parker and little princess Paisley with Lee, both too cute!

Prince Wyatt and prince Quinn sword fighting

Abigail was one loved and lucky girl with all her presents...
Wyatt helped Abbey open her gifts seeing that he was the seasoned gift opener from his birthday two months earlier! I love this picture... it shows the craziness of a little kid party... candy everywhere, unopened and opened presents, wrapping paper flung to the side etc.!

Man I love my little princess and can't believe how much she has grown!

What would be a post without my sweet Mike... even better is Mike with cousin Stella and Papa! Stella was trying to figure Mike out and obviously was enjoying his big cheeks! Who wouldn't?!

We had a lot of fun and really appreciate everyone for coming over to yet another Abbey party (I promise I won't have another on for her for awhile!). The love and gifts given were all a little girl could ask for on her Birthday! Thanks!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


This Halloween included carving pumpkins with Carrie and Johnny,
an early ward trunk-or-treat and a real trick-or-treat with Christine and the boys on Halloween night. Abbey had the whole idea down... bucket, candy, thank you! She was excited to dress up and go get candy each time. Mike was a good sport and liked to suck on the candy still wrapped.

The excitement was electrifying... it was hard to get a good picture of everyone together holding still!

Time to go...