Friday, February 25, 2011

Tumble Dry Low

I can't seem to get this wrinkle out!

Ben is a climber. The only problem is that he can't get back down or out. But look at how proud of himself he is!


Here are some random photos of the boys party at the park (more on their birthdays on the post below). We had a lot of fun even though it was a little cold. There was good company and good BBQ hot dogs. Mike had a lot of say in the party planning. He wanted to have it at the park and finally settled on having helicopter/plane cupcakes (at first it was Elmo?!?, then garbage trucks, then finally the helicopter). Ben didn't really care as long as he was fed, held and had room to roam and play.
here is most of the party goers during the "Happy Birthday" song

Carrie and baby Drake

Miss Abigail enjoying a cloud cupcake

This one is for Christine, it captures the excitement her boys have for the gifts being opened! Luke and Wyatt helping Ben with his gifts

Miss Stella waiting patiently for a cupcake

Carrie and birthday boy Benjamin

Abigail and Michael, birthday love

Jenny and baby Scarlett

Benjamin and his "uncle" Cooper (for real)

Luke and Michael playing in the sand

Papa Webb

My dad loves the grand babies. When ever we all get together you can find him holding one of the newer babies... or sometimes two.
Drake and Scarlett, the two newest additions to the Webb familyBen and Cooper

I know the grand babies love their "papa" too. Dad is always willing to get the babies to sleep or feed them some food. And the babies are always willing to give grandpa the best smiles and cuddles!

The Boys

(he is one by the way)

Happy Birthday Boys! How fun it is to celebrate together! Seeing that they are five days apart they better get use to it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today is fast Sunday. I haven't fasted for quite awhile! In between pregnancy and nursing its been a LONG while. I decided I need the extra help today and should start fasting.

Ben will be one this month...ONE. And I'm still nursing him. This isn't really a big deal, I've nursed all my babies over a year (avg. is 15months for us). But Ben has been a little different. He is my hungriest baby by far, still nursing about five times in the day on top of solid three meals. Which no one would guess. He is my skinniest baby by far too. He must have a high metabolism. That or he is just so busy he burns it off quickly, which could also be the case.
Anyway, he gets so hungry that I don't know if I'm giving him enough milk to satisfy him sometimes. So we started giving him a little formula (I've only bought one can in his whole life). Hence my decision to fast... I can give him formula today and be ok.
Now to my point of this post.

Wow, I'm hungry today! I don't know if its that I've forgotten how hunger feels... or if its the fact that my body is producing milk still and taking my nutrients. All I know is I'm a little cranky and irritable. But I've felt the spirit today and received a few answers to prayer. Definitely worth the hunger. Oh, and Ben is doing just fine with formula today.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't Be True

Today we registered my innocent sweet baby girl for KINDERGARTEN. She is ready. Mom, not so much. But then again, when she is sassy like above picture... mom's ready too.


Life gets hard sometimes... and the blog takes the back burner. Since life isn't ever easy, I won't promise you I will be updating regularly. But I want to try to update at least once in a while. Lots has happened since August. Our family has had a lot of ups and downs these last six months (more details in future posts) I have a ton of pictures I've taken and Tim is working nights again, so updates here we come! In case you forgot what we looked like, here are our most recent family photos.