Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ponies and Barbies

I was cleaning up after giving Abigail and Michael a bath and found Abigail's favorite bath toys put away like this. She cracks me up. These are all her ponies and Barbie's, minus the ones she can't get wet. I was wondering what took her so long to get out of the bath and into her towel!

Notice little Mike's stash in the front of Abigail's posse. Two cars, a helicopter and a police man. Typical difference between boys and girls.
I don't even know how they had room to move in the bath tub. But then again, I remember playing like a mermaid with Carrie in the tub... going in circles around and around!

Blink and its Gone

Third time around, I know how fast the newborn phase goes. Its already gone at our house. I love the newborn phase. There are so many changes that occur in the first weeks of life. One of my favorite things that they grow out of so quickly...

This little guy had major frog legs. Now he's in the kicking all the time phase, especially when excited. He even manages to push himself back with his heels and, as of today, roll over on to his tummy!

4 years and younger

Life can be crazy around our house, changing moods and noise levels vary in minutes (and not just from the kids!). But then there are really great moments that I know makes it all worth while. The moments that go by all too fast. The ones I will miss when they are grown and out of the house. The kinds like these...

Love the face on Benjamin, it makes it so real. Poor kid has every reason to be a little nervous and on edge stuck between these two!

Still can't believe I have three little ones!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Grandma Kathi

There were a lot of things mom loved. Here are two of them together!

I miss mom and have been thinking about her a lot (maybe it has something to do with Mother's day). Not really sad, but just miss her being around to share thoughts with and watch my kids grow. Lately, I've been finding things in everyday life that remind me of her. I saw these hibiscus flowers at Wal-Mart in the gardening area and I thought of mom. Abbey was more than happy to pose with the flowers for me. You'll notice that she has pigtails in her hair. You will be seeing a lot of pictures with them. She is going through a major pigtail phase. I ask her every morning what she wants me to do with her hair, lately its been the pigtails. Awhile ago it was a big ponytail. Wonder what will be next?
Whats not to love about these flowers? They are so tropical and beautiful! I really would love to have some for my home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Favorite Tree

(Abbey picking flowers for me while waiting for her bus, Mike looking at our dogs through the holes in the wall)

I love this tree when it blooms. It draws your eye while driving down the street toward our house. It really went wild this year. I love it. Tim keeps saying he needs to cut some of it down. I tell him no way, its perfect.

An Encouraging Sign

Mike has found a new hobby... cleaning. Yes, that's right. Cleaning.

He loves to get out the Windex and help with dusting too. As long as I'm around to supervise, I let him go to town. I figure its a good sign and should be encouraged. Unfortunately he likes to get it out when I'm not watching. And sometimes his "cleaning" can make more of a mess.
(notice the fly on the floor by his knee and the bottle, he calls them "butterflies", silly boy)

Not only will he get out the Windex, but he sneaks out the Lysol spray bottle and Jet Dry. I don't like it so much when he gets into those and spills them on the floor. So there is now a child proof hook on the cleaning cabinets.
But still, he likes cleaning!! There is hope for this kid!! I'm still working on Abbey's natural instinct to be messy. Maybe I won't have such a hard time with Mike? Messy or clean, I love him... and his smile. Such a sweetie!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


(my Hubby and Mike, waiting for Abbey to get home on the bus)

I love my husband. Tim is everything and more to me. I rely on him a lot. He always tells me that I am stronger than I think. I usually don't think so.

However, I have learned something about me. When Tim is around I don't want to be strong. But when he is gone, like out of town for a few days gone, I am strong.

Tim had training in Flagstaff Monday through Wednesday this week. I was by myself with all three kids for the first time. I wasn't really looking forward to this fact. But I have to say, it felt... well...good! Sound weird? Let me explain why...

I found waking up at the crack of dawn with my little ones a whole lot easier. We also stuck to our routine a lot more: breakfast, dress, hair, teeth, outside for bus. Not only on time.. but even ahead of time. I found that I got a lot more done around the house, deep cleaning the bathroom and moping included in those three days (very rare to get those things done within a week of each other). I had dinners planned and even stretched and tried a new spaghetti sauce recipe, which was really good. Oh, and family home evening got done with just me to keep the kids still and reverent. But most of all, I found my attitude towards my kids was a lot more easy going, light hearted and patient. In return the kids were the same.

Now don't get me wrong. Things weren't perfect. There was still the whining and fighting. There was still a tired mom (1:30 rolls around and its a struggle to stay awake). And there was definitely still the missing of a dad and husband. But all in all, I found myself able to handle it. I was strong, and it felt good. I was organized and up to the task.

Why was it easier to be strong and do these day to day duties while Tim was gone? Mostly because with out him here, there is no one else to share and help in those duties. Its just me and I know this. I have to do it! It forced me to be strong. I felt like my mom a little. When my dad was gone in the army or on his flying rotation. And that made me feel good too. I think of my mom and I see a strong lady who was the greatest mom. I want to be like her.

When Tim got home Wednesday evening it was exciting for all of us. It was so nice to have his help with dinner and getting the kids in bed. It was so satisfying to watch him play with the kids. It was so fun to sit on the couch with him and relax watching our shows together. It was so comforting to have him sleeping next to me. It was nice to have someone to rely on once again. But I made a resolve to myself. I want to be strong while Tim is home, just like when he is gone. I think he needs me to be strong right now (he has been the strong one a lot these last few years with mom's passing). And I think I'm finally in that place where I can be strong now.
(Mother's day, over at Christine and Jared's house)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Day in Pictures

The gifts...

The awesome breakfast...

The son...

The dinner...
The daughter...

The mother and new baby

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm almost embarrassed to write this down on my blog, but its pretty funny. Just don't judge me!!

(Abbey getting off the bus, home from preschool)

I have a habit that I'm not proud of. I sometimes let a bad word slip. Nothing horrible... just the h-e-double l word, "d" word and the beloved "s" word. The "s" word can be hilarious to me, it has something to do with the shhhh part. I would say that its my favorite and choice curse word. I'm aware of my habit, so I have tried to conquer it. And I thought that I was doing a pretty good job since having children. I replace the bad word with the common shoot or my favorite, shiii (no "t"). Although, I have let the whole "s" word slip when scared (again, not proud of that). Now... I don't remember my mom saying curse words. Hardly ever did she utter those naughty words during my childhood. I think all of us siblings remember maybe three times. I hope my kids remember the same about me. However, I don't think that will be the case with Abbey...

Last Friday while getting Abbey ready for school, I noticed we were running five minutes late. Not a big deal since we get outside at least ten minutes early so the kids can play and ride bikes while waiting for the bus. However, I'm always aware that the bus can, on rare occasion, come early. So I kind of freak out when I'm not out there early (some weird fear I have, probably stemming from childhood, that the bus will leave). I was telling Abbey to put her shoes back on while I was getting ready to put my shirt on, all the while opening the door so I could hear when and if the bus arrived. And to my horror, I heard a idling diesel bus. (My house is placed so I can't see the street)

So I said, "Shiii, Abbey, put on your shoes your bus is hear, HuRRy!!" She looked at me all freaked out while I was frantically putting my shirt on. She started putting her shoes back on and grabbing her backpack while I continued to say "hurry! your bus is here!" As I was unlocking the security screen door, I hear Abbey by my side saying over and over, "Oh ShiT, Oh ShiT, hurry, hurry!" For a split second I didn't notice. As she continues to go on all frantic, I stop her and asked her what she said. She said "ShiT!" I couldn't help but laugh and tell her, "no, we say shoot... Oh shoot!" She repeated shoot.

Great, shiii obviously is too close to the real word!

Saturday rolls around, Tim is out in the garage doing a project with Abbey playing around. Tim comes in and proceeds to tell me this little story. Abbey had a hammer and was hitting small rocks from the front yard. She hits one and it breaks. It must have shocked her and she probably thought she was in trouble for breaking something. So she says "Oh ShiT!" Tim asked her what she said and she told him she said "Shoot."

Doubly great! Now she is lying about saying a bad word.

Looks like mom is in the Shiii!

Mood Swings

Babies can go from this...

To this...

To this...

Then back to this...

So quickly. Especially Ben (as he displayed in the pictures).
Look at that temper above!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Miracles

We had a mommy and daddy bird busy building a nest in the palm tree right out or front window. A few weeks later I noticed two little babies. You can see one by the mommy's chest in the picture. It was fun to have a front row seat to watch them and show Abbey and Mike.
My mom use to tease us kids, saying we were little baby birds wanting food. I can see why she would say that since watching that mommy bird feeding her eager babies. Especially now that I have little baby birdies of my own, eager and begging for food all the time!
One morning the birds were gone. Then a new family moved in. The mommy has been sitting on her eggs for awhile. Kind of makes me wonder what happens to the daddy bird. He builds the nest and then just leaves? Abbey thinks he is away at work! Anyway, I have been waiting to see the little babies. This morning, after putting Abbey on the school bus, I noticed the mommy bird was gone (very rarely is she gone). So I quickly went to see if I could see anything inside the nest from my window. Nothing! Tim said there were two eggs in there... what happened!! I ran out side and looked around the palm tree. I saw the cracked pieces of the shell, but where was the bird? Looking closer I saw a little baby, very new born, laying on the ground. In my heart I knew it was a lost cause, but I still wanted to try to save that baby. I got a towel and picked it up, then woke Tim up to put it back in the nest. Mommy bird still hasn't come back. I hope she does.

Tight Fit

Getting use to seeing this...

(one of our very first outings all together, Ben's first doctors appointment)
The kids were good so we stopped and got them chocolate. Mike feel asleep eating his.
And Abbey wanted a picture of her too... pretending to be sleeping

Stinky Sand

Most days Abbey comes home from school with this in her shoes...

Two things I think of when I see this...

how uncomfortable


that's some stinky sand!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Newest Personality

Benjamin has been fun getting to know. He is the newest personality in the family and everyone is adjusting to that, including him.

We had his baby blessing last Sunday. I love the baby blessing day. It is such a red letter day and I know that the new baby can feel that it is their special day. Benjamin's day was special.
(here is his blessing outfit, Michael wore the same one)
(look at that smile, he totally knows its all about him today!)
Tim did a good job with his blessing. I know he was nervous getting up in front of our huge ward and all of our family and saying a thoughtful prayer for our newest son. That's a lot of pressure! The thing that left the biggest impression to me was Tim's use of the word "determined."

Everyone asks if he is a good baby. Of course he is a good baby to me... but the word "determined" describes him perfectly. He has a determined soul, you can see it in his eyes. He was determined to come to our family. He is determined to be noticed in our family. He is determined to soak everything in. I hope he will always be determined to do the right things in his life. These new souls coming into our world need to be! Benjamin is determined.
(see the determination in those eyes, he is so alert to everything!)

Our little guy is ten weeks today (I hate how fast time goes with little babies). His newest discovery in life is smiling. His first smile was at his daddy, and yes I'm jealous. He is kind of hard to get to smile, so it is such a cool thing when you get him to. Those blue eyes light up when he does. And two nights ago he showed just how bad of a temper he has by getting so upset that he almost passed out (he was blue!). Mom was not happy about that one!
Here are some random pictures from Ben's blessing day. Tim took these so he isn't in them, but I am (nice change for once!).
(abbey was so happy that all her cousins came and played with her)
(wonder why Benjamin looks nervous and uncomfortable?)
(Mike is such a stud in his suit, everyone loves his suit at church)

Big Kid

Michael has surprised me. I was expecting to have a terrible two plus ten when Benjamin arrived. But Michael is far from the plus ten part, and most of the time isn't even the terrible two part. (Ironically its Abigail who is being the terrible four!)

It was like something clicked as soon as he turned two and his little brother came home. He is a big kid!
(riding his bike like a big kid!)

One of the biggest "big kid" milestones has been tackled and accomplished. Michael is potty trained! I was dreading potty training a boy, but he was no problem. With the exception of him being terrified to go number two for about a week or two. Literally he was shaking, crying and telling me it "scared" him. He even jumped once when it plopped in the bowl (so funny). He would be so sad sitting on the toilet. You haven't seen a sad face until you see Michael's, full on lip pout and big sad, down turned brown eyes... quite the sight.
(in his undies, he loves all of his pixar undies except Nemo, who knows why not!, notice his favorite blankie in both pics, not too grown up for blankie!)
(this is a small version of the pout, look at those lips!)

He is such a big kid that he will remind you not so gently sometimes. Mostly he does this with Tim. Like telling him "I know how to walk Dad" when Tim was trying to lead him with his hand on Mike's head. Or telling me he can brush his own teeth, pick out his shoes, or wash his own hair and body in the bath (which he does do with moms help). Oh, and lets not forget how he can get in and out of the car all by himself (after an annoying ten minutes!!).

The big kid attitude has arrived too. Tim caught Abigail and Michael laying on the floor watching TV while kicking the entertainment center loudly. He took the toys away they were playing with as punishment. Michael turned to Abigail and said, "good job Abbey."

What a good big kid. He still my little boy though. I love his sensitive soul. I love how he gives me random kisses (on my leg, on my arm, on my back, where ever he can reach at the time) and always wants to follow it up with a hug. I love how he wants to give Ben a kiss all the time. I love how he shares with his big sister (even when she doesn't deserve it). I love his big brown eyes (just like Tim's), pouty lips and big cheeks. And I am proud of him taking the older brother and big kid role so well.