Monday, August 6, 2007

Poo in the Potty?

All last week Abbey was telling me when she had a dirty diaper by pointing to it and quietly saying "Poo." Then one day she told me before she actually went! The next time she did that I rushed her to the toilet and she went like a big girl on the toilet. Wow, I must have a genius child! Potty training is easy... not so fast Connie. Turns out after we went and bought a little seat to go over the toilet seat and a stool, she no longer has the patience to actually go. For a few days she wanted on the toilet just to sit and reach for the toilet paper and then try to flush. She would even tell me she had to go, but stage fright must be taking over. Now she doesn't even care to tell me she has gone in her diaper and will adamantly say "no" she didn't when I ask after I see her go! I think we made too big of a deal. In fact, the other day she ripped her diaper with poo in it off before I got her up from her nap! Thankfully it wasn't a nightmarish scene, she doesn't like to play with it and was quite embarrassed! I'm letting it go for now, maybe she will start telling me when she goes again?

School Shopping

I got a chance to meet up with Brittney and the girls to help with school shopping! We met at the visitor's center by the temple. From there we went outlet shopping at Arizona Mills mall. We had a lot of fun riding the carousel, eating hot dogs and chicken, riding the kiddie rides, and sharing caramel apples! Oh yeah, we did get some shopping in there too! We found great back to school deals. I couldn't pass up some even though Abbey isn't really going to school. Why is it so much more fun to shop for your kids? Megan was fun to watch. She was very particular about her first day of school outfit. She will definitely be wearing sparkly blue jeans! What a cutie. Melanie was good as long as she got to run around. A few times she scared herself by wandering off a little too far! Abbey enjoyed being one of the big girls even though she stayed in a stroller. We had a lot of fun making our way around the crowds of shoppers. Brittney and I don't get to do much together since we have always lived too far apart. So it was really nice to talk and hang out with her. Tim was in Tuscon at the time and got to hang out with Peter too. They went out to eat one night and another they went and saw Transformers together. We hope to get together later this month when Tim and I have two weeks off for vacation. I have never been to St. David, so it would be a lot of fun to go and visit. I am so happy that Peter and Brittney have moved back to Arizona and we can create more memories together!
P.S. The picture above was taken on our Father's Day campout, not the best but the most recent with Meg, Mel and Abbey together!

Happy Birthday Brother!

Thursday, August 2nd, was my big brother Cameron's 30th birthday. Jenny planned a surprise party at Carrie's XS Salon. It was a success. I felt bad all day for not calling Cam and wishing him a happy birthday, but I didn't want to run the risk of spilling the beans about the surprise! It was a lot of fun to celebrate my brother with our friends and family. Carrie had made a video of Cameron growing up with lots of memories. It was hard not to feel emotional while watching that video. Cameron was Mom's pal while growing up and I know that her presence was missed that night by all. Jenny had written a cute "30 things you may not know about Cameron" fact sheet complete with things that were going on in the world the year he was born on the back. That was funny to read and made me realize that Jenny knows Cameron very well since they have been married over 5 years now! We had lots of fun having an adult party without little toddlers running around. I didn't have to worry about chasing after Abbey while eating my food (that is always the best feeling in the world). It was hard saying goodnight and actually leaving. I hope Cameron felt how much we all love him and has a great year!

Hanging Out For The Last Time!

My only girlfriend who isn't a actual member of my family happens to be Dara Williams. Her husband is Curtis, Tim's old missionary friend from Washington. They moved here to AZ just about a year ago. Tim and I have enjoyed going camping with them while we lived in Payson and then hanging out once we moved down to Gilbert. We have had a lot of good dinners and game nights together. Dara and I have hung out more lately since our husbands have odd hour jobs. I have enjoyed having a good friend that I can talk for hours with. It made it even more fun to talk with Dara once she got pregnant with their first baby. They are expecting a boy early November! I know that at times it has been hard for the Williams because they have no family here in Arizona. Once you are expecting and expanding your family that fact seems to become more pressing. So, as no surprise to Tim and I, Dara called me up last month and announced they will be moving back to Washington in a few weeks! They sure didn't waist any time once they made their decision to move! They will be leaving on Wednesday! I was sad but completely understand the need to move back home. Dara and I got to hang out last Thursday for the last time. We went shopping at Old Navy and Chandler mall with Carrie and Abbey. Lunch was really good at California Pizza Kitchen too. Once we got back for Abbey's nap we had a couple of hours of good girl talk. I think that even though they will be all the way in Washington, we will continue to be good friends. Not just because Tim and Curtis have kept a relationship since their mission days, but because Dara and I became good friends too! We were able to go out to lunch with them on Tuesday after Tim and Curtis loaded up the moving truck! It was a little sad to actually say goodbye. Hopefully we can visit them and go to Seattle some time next year! We wish them all the luck in the world and will miss them!