Saturday, April 26, 2008

Abbey's Creative Mind

I love to see what this little girl thinks up. She loves to dress herself up in all sorts of things. We have a few things that are her favorite. A scarf Carol gave me for Christmas, my witch's hat from her first birthday party, her princess Belle shoes she got from Aunt Christine last year, her tutu's from Heidi and/or Gloria, and any of her miscellaneous jewelry. Oh, and she loves to wear big shoes. You better believe she loves to wear Aunt Carrie's shoes anytime she is around (who wouldn't!). Another funny thing she does with clothes is she finds favorites that she has to wear everywhere. She has demanded to wear her red coat zipped up all the way even though its hot outside. And of course we have made store trips with her tutu on. But the worst one was when she had to wear "George" hoodie everywhere, to my horror this included church (trust me, I tried to take it off)! By the way, she calls it George because it has a monkey on it like Curious George, her favorite. Not only does she wear the funniest outfits, she likes to carry or push things around at the same time. Her baby stroller or grocery cart filled up with all her toys are her favorites to push around. It cracks me up. I finally got with it and started to take pictures of her doing this. I think they are priceless!
That is "George" above... the poor girl would play outside with it on, her cheeks would be all flushed but no matter how many times I asked her if "we should take George off" she would say in a chipper voice "no"

Michael's Announcement Pictures

The end of last month I went to Christine's and we played around with her nice camera. I wanted to get a good picture of Michael for his announcement (which I have ready to go, so be expecting one soon if your close family/friends). It was a lot of fun trying to act like we knew what we were doing and making them look as professional as possible! I think we got some good shots of Mikey... see for yourself!
And here is what Wyatt and Abigail were up to during our photo session... I was bouncing Luke, when Abbey decided she wanted in on the action. Of course when Wyatt saw Abbey he wanted to do it to. A two year old is much heavier than a nine month old! I couldn't help but post these pictures, I think their faces are too funny!

I'm Sick Of Homer!

Okay, okay... a new post is badly needed!! So much has happened that I will try to condense it into one post to catch up. Here we go...

MOVING: We moved into our first BOUGHT house!! Yep that's right, we bought a house on a police officers wage!! (Barely, beans and rice for dinner anyone?) This all went down during my last month of pregnancy. It was so crazy fast, we signed papers in the hospital after having Michael and moved in before he was three weeks old. (Thanks to all my family and friends for helping us clean and move into the new place) We love being home owners!! I just hope we can afford the Internet, we will see!

MOTORCYCLE: It's SOLD!! We even made a couple hundred dollars after the payoff! This happened on the day we moved into the new place (it was a crazy day). A nice guy bought it with cash! What a blessing!!

CAR PROBLEMS!: A few days after we moved into the house, we went shopping for some necessities (plates, drinking glasses, pots etc.) After a long day we decided to make one more stop to Red Brick Pizza and bring some home. When we got in the car it wouldn't start! I should say that it wouldn't even turn the key over! We made sure we were in park and tried shaking the wheel. Tim was joggling the key like crazy and then all of the sudden it turned and the car started. The next day we got it to start again and took it in to the shop. Come to find out the ignition was broke. It was fixed easily by the mechanic and we got it back after a few days. Then our back window exploded out a few days later! We had a little storm blow through and after it was over we discovered the window exploded out! We think it must of had a crack or something. It took the dumb glass company forever to get us our glass replaced, but thank goodness the weather was nice! My pride took a hit when I had to drive around ghetto style with plastic sheeting and blue painters tape holding it! To top it all off, Christine and Jared were following us home and pulled up behind us to throw a empty bottled water into the back through the missing window (I had taken the plastic off since it started to come loose and flap in the wind on the freeway!) All I can say is full window coverage is great.

MICHAEL: Michael is such a sweet boy. He is growing so fast too. I just recently took him out of the bassinet and put him in his crib at night. I told myself that as soon as he slept for the majority of the night this would happen. I just didn't think it would happen so soon, it was a hard step for me. I don't want to accept that he is growing. He is such a easy baby, sleeps really well and a lot during the day, lets Abbey play with him and hold him, and loves to smile and coo at mom and dad. He also loves to suck his left thumb and will take a pacifier real good. What a cutie! Did I mention he likes to sleep?

BLESSING: We had Michael's blessing before Conference at our old Gilbert Ranch Ward. It was beautifully done by Tim. I loved how Tim blessed him to make righteous decisions and to understand why he makes those righteous decisions. Afterwards we had everyone over to our new place for breakfast. It was a lot of fun!

PAINTING, SANDING AND STAINING, OH MY: Talk about not thinking... Tim and I decided to not only move into a new place, take care of a new baby, and chase after a two year old; but to repaint our hutch and sand/stain the entertainment center. The Hutch was first and looks awesome (even though it is still tacky to this day)!! Then it was on to the entertainment center. The sanding was quite the chore! Staining was a lot easier and faster, but putting the poly coat on top... that takes some time. So the base was done relatively fast, but I think Tim and I were a little burnt out when it came to the doors! In fact, (after a lot of nagging) Tim FINALLY finished the poly coats today which means by tomorrow I can put them on the base!! And that means I can unpack those boxes and get them out of my family room (they have been there for about a month now). It will be nice to get the VCR out, Abbey keeps finding the Disney VHS's and begs to watch them. Oh, and as we were in the garage staining, out neighbor came over and offered to give us his extra wood laminate flooring for free. That was really nice because Michael's room smelled like the previous owner kept their animal in there (even after two steam cleaning treatments!). It was good to get that carpet out since Oscar felt the need to be territorial and mark it as his! Only one problem... we didn't have enough to finish the room. All in good time we can purchase the rest and finish it. But for now... on to the kitchen cabinets. I want them black like the hutch to Tim's dismay! Oh the joys of owning your own house!

POTTY TRAINING ABBEY: Oh boy, the fun has just begun! Potty training is a very recent development. We bought Abbey some pretty Ariel undies about a month ago. On our way out of the store she opened them up and put them on her head, that should have tipped us off. She didn't take to going on the potty so I waited a little longer. It's been three days now since we decided to give it another go (no pun intended)... we have had multiple accidents, one gross one last night. But she did go on the potty a few times. We will take it easy with switching between Ariel and Dora Pull Ups. It also helps that her cousin Wyatt is starting to get potty trained too. They think they are cool together!

HEAT RASH AND DRY SKIN: My angel boy, who gives me no problems, broke out in a heat rash just before his two month mark. I guess mommy over dresses him and he doesn't get as cold as us girls do. It looked pretty uncomfortable, but started to go away with keeping him in a diaper only. Unfortunately, his skin on his face, ears and scalp got really dry. I mean big flakes! I called the nurse and she gave me great advice. I'm pleased to say that Dove's Sensitive Skin Body Cream and a thin layer of Vaseline right after a bath is working! It's taken about two weeks to get it all under control... but it is finally just about gone! I think our boy will have sensitive skin just like his daddy.

So there you go. That is what we have been up to since our last post. Lets hope I don't ever get that behind again! I think things should slow down now, here's hoping.

Saturday, April 12, 2008