Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saddle Sore

For about two weeks, at least, after Christmas this was all I saw all day long!

Abigail was loving siting on her rocking horse in front of the TV. One day she got off and said "owww" rubbing her thighs!

Christmas in February

Okay, so we didn't really have Christmas in February. But we are going to relive it all the same... December was packed with fun leading up to the "big day!"

Temple Lights
We had a trip to the Temple lights where Abbey was so excited to see Baby Jesus and all the lights that we walked around the grounds twice!

Mike was happy to just chill in the stroller with the hot cocoa!

Christmas Parties
Then there were the parties on both sides of the family. First was the Webb family get together at Christine's and Jared's. We were going to met at the Temple lights, but it was raining. Instead we enjoyed hot cocoa, cookies and treats at Christine and Jareds.
Me and Carrie

Lynn, Julee and Misty holding Stella

Wyatt, Luke, Abbey and Mike opening up gifts

Next was the Merrill white elephant party at Heidi and Jeremiah's. This will have to be a tradition every year, it was a lot of fun!
The kids were having fun with Bode's trains, it kept them happy the whole time.

David and Tricia were given a early Christmas gift from the kids, a picture of the St. George Temple where they were married! I think they liked it.

Here Tim is telling stories with his hands. It was probably a police story!

I love sneaking pictures of grandparents with the grandkids!

After the parties it was on to the big day. Tim worked Christmas Eve so I was lucky to have Carrie spend the night and be a fellow "Santa's helper ;)"

Santa brought Mike and Abbey a rocking horse, and Abbey a cool princess bike!

First thing Abbey went to was the horse... she was so excited! This girl loves horses!

Mike was excited about his new balls, this boy loves to play with any kind of ball!

This has to be my favorite part of Christmas morning. The first pictures of the adults looking all sleepy and tired, yet happy!
Carrie knows better and hid herself pretty good with her stocking gifts!

Tim wins with his red puffy eyes for sure!

Why do our noses swell when tired? Mine always does, and gets red too!

I guess just because you're an adult, you don't out grow the Christmas excitement. Tim's new i-touch i-pod. He made no secret that this was all he wanted!

One of my favorite gifts... the Bose sounddock for my i-pod. I love it!!

Christmas Brunch
After our early morning gift opening was over we went to Christine and Jared's for the Webb Christmas tradition of Christmas brunch!
I was in charge of making pancakes, Christine was cooking the sausage.

Here Cameron is playing with Carrie's Mac. You can video yourself and manipulate your face to look so funny. It was so funny that I cried laughing!

A rare good picture of Abbey (you can see Jenny laughing at Cameron's face on the computer in the background!)

This was not planned... but all of us girls were wearing a shade of blue. Don't we all look good, we had to get a picture.

And like Jenny and Jared say... we had to get some sibling pictures because we were all together! (which happens quite often!) It was hard keeping a straight face for these. Cameron and Christine were doing the High School dance posing.

Merry Christmas (this was the best shot of Abbey believe it or not!)

Oh yeah, we had as close as you can get to a white Christmas here in the valley... Rain!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Year, New Focus

I feel really bad about the lack of posting. I stopped right before Christmas and haven't caught up. Its worse, because I feel like this Blog is my book of memories. And I have to blog about the past events even though they happened a month in half ago! I don't know why I haven't been motivated to blog. I think it has to do with the time it takes. It takes time away from my family. I have been trying to focus on new priorities this year. I felt like last year was just caught up in surviving day to day life. I don't feel like I was taking steps to actually progress forward in my life. Does that make sense? I don't know. But my focus has been elsewhere lately. I hope I can feel like I make a difference in myself this year. So blogging and turning on the computer (which sucks me in for hours) has taken a back burner for awhile. I know that everyone misses our mind blowing thoughts and cute pictures... just kidding, but I do know Grandma Merrill misses the updates on her grand kids! So prepare yourself for some catching up. I know its Valentines... but Christmas here we come!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was Mom's birthday. She would have been 51!

(Mom and Dad with Abigail)
It was a happy and extra special day today, because Stella Kate (after mom) Webb was given her blessing today. But before that, yesterday, Stella was sealed to Cameron and Jenny. I am so happy that these events took place at the same time of Mom's birthday... it was fitting. With out a doubt, mom was with Stella, Cameron and Jenny yesterday in the temple. It was a really neat experience.

(Mom with Abigail on mother's day 06)
Mom and Dad were sealed with Cameron when he was just a baby. I remember her telling me about that experience. Bringing Cameron out in his white outfit to be joined with them was a sweet memory she would remember. I know she was there yesterday! I am thankful for our Heavenly Father's plan of salvation. It truly is a plan of happiness. I am also thankful for tender mercies... I was given one last night when Mom was so vividly in my dreams. It was amazing to see how clearly my subconscious remembers her. I love you mom and can't wait until we can meet again!
(Good times in Payson, summer 06)