Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today is fast Sunday. I haven't fasted for quite awhile! In between pregnancy and nursing its been a LONG while. I decided I need the extra help today and should start fasting.

Ben will be one this month...ONE. And I'm still nursing him. This isn't really a big deal, I've nursed all my babies over a year (avg. is 15months for us). But Ben has been a little different. He is my hungriest baby by far, still nursing about five times in the day on top of solid three meals. Which no one would guess. He is my skinniest baby by far too. He must have a high metabolism. That or he is just so busy he burns it off quickly, which could also be the case.
Anyway, he gets so hungry that I don't know if I'm giving him enough milk to satisfy him sometimes. So we started giving him a little formula (I've only bought one can in his whole life). Hence my decision to fast... I can give him formula today and be ok.
Now to my point of this post.

Wow, I'm hungry today! I don't know if its that I've forgotten how hunger feels... or if its the fact that my body is producing milk still and taking my nutrients. All I know is I'm a little cranky and irritable. But I've felt the spirit today and received a few answers to prayer. Definitely worth the hunger. Oh, and Ben is doing just fine with formula today.


Jill said...

Fasting is always good, but never easy. :) I envy you for being able to nurse your babies for so long! I'm a wimp. Miss you!


I was hungry today too...Seriously Connie, you are such an example to me. I love you and am proud of you for being so strong. Hope to see you this week sometime!

Carrie Elder said...

Yay! You're posting again! I love all your pictures! I can't fast now that I'm nursing Drake, and I gotta admit, I will miss it. Fasting has brought me such peace in the past. Love you sister!