Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hail to the Graduate

Tim's youngest sister Lee, graduated from Blue Ridge High School on Thursday. Tim got the day off so we were able to go up and be there for the ceremony. Tim and I got married when Lee was a freshman, so it has been interesting to watch her grow into the beautiful college bound woman she is today! She worked really hard throughout her four years of high school. Not only did she excel at multiple sports like Volleyball and Track, but she was really ambitious when it came to her grades and classes too! Her graduation day will be a day no one will forget. It SNOWED!! The ceremony was moved inside the gym and lights went out during the Senior movie presentation! It was an interesting evening to say the least. Congrats Lee, good luck!!
Tim and me with Lee

Lee with her big brothers Peter and Tim

Lee with her big sisters Jill and Heidi

Michael came along to watch Aunt Lee graduate, he was a little confused by the clapping

It was a short trip since Tim had to work early on Friday. I think Abigail wanted to stay longer and play with cousins! She protested a lot during the drive home. I took this picture at the gas station on our way out. It was really cute how much she wanted to play in the "tow!" (snow) She wouldn't take her coat off the whole way down!

Best Buds

Abigail and Michael are already best buds. Abbey loves to hold Mike and try to give him pacifiers. She copies the way I talk to Mike too. It's pretty funny, I think to myself... do I look that silly? Mike is so patient with her, he mostly will just go along with the ride. He loves to follow her with his eyes and smile at her too. I have a feeling these two will be best friends throughout life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All In A Year!

What a difference a year makes when you are little. These are almost exactly a year apart. My little toddler is officially a little girl!


My little girl was born with lots of hair, it has been beautiful from day one... And from day one she has hated things in her hair! That includes all the cute clips, hair ties and bows! She was pulling out her clips before she could crawl. I gave up a long time ago. Hence the short hair cut, which thankfully everyone loves on her. Monday we went in to get her another trim, she was getting very shaggey since some of her bangs are growing out. We went to Lollilocks for the first time and Abbey loved all the girliness they had to offer. The young girl who cut her hair was really nice and pretty, Abbey was in awe of her. After her cut she asked Abbey if she wanted to have her style it. Abbey nodded yes (being shy, this was all the response we could get out of her). The girl put two side ponies in her hair, which to my suprise she stayed absolutly still for. Then she asked Abbey if she wanted clips. I told her no, she will just pull them out... but Abbey nodded yes agian so she puts some on her ponies. To top it off the hairspray had sparkles in it. When it was all done I finally had the pretty haired girl I so longed for. Tim quickly got the camera out to take a few pictures of her. We both knew it was just a matter of time before she pulled it all out. Sure enough... as soon as she was in the car she painfully pulled out all the clips and hair ties out. Why!?!

Little Fishies

Even though its May, the swim season has begun thanks to the record setting heat we have had! Dad and Jackie found a home that has an awesome back yard with a pool and putting green. The cool thing is they only live about three miles away from us. We have already taken advantage of that fact. Abbey loves to swim with her floaties, she loves the freedom they give her in the pool. She would swim all day if we let her. As for me, it is a lot of fun to get out of the house and be outside, not so fun seeing my post baby body! Here's to many more pool parties (and the motivation to lose weight)!!
Here are some pics of Abbey swimming all by herself!!

Mikey likes to feel the breeze while sitting in his chair, being held or getting some tummy time. We have dipped his feet in, he didn't like it... too cold.

All that swimming and sun can work up an appetite...
Of course its always more fun when you have cousins to play with (that is when your ponies aren't being stolen!)...

Don't forget to practice your swing (and by the looks of it, your form)...

Is that her swimming suit or am I seeing things?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Present

Mother's day weekend was a busy one... The Webb clan (except Tim, who had to work) all went up to clean and plant around mom's grave in pinetop. It was really nice to get together and do that, I don't think any of us had been up there since her burial. But it was a short over night trip, which came with a cranky little girl riding in the back! By the time we got home Saturday evening, we were all a little tired. As I pulled up into the driveway, Tim called to check in and see if we were home. To my great surprise, as I was telling him we were just pulling into the driveway, out comes my husband who was suppose to be at work!! What a great surprise, especially since Abbey had been crying for him the whole drive! In case you all are thinking, big deal, he stayed home from work... this really was a big deal, Tim has never called in sick when he wasn't really seriously sick! This was the first time he has ever taken a personal day. Not only did he stay home, but he had been busy getting me a great mother's day present. Blankets were covering a big box in the family room, so of course we couldn't wait until Sunday to open it!! It turned out that Tim found the kitchen table I wanted! I was so excited to see that, we have been using a card table with two chairs. As soon as the surprise was over, we took advantage of Tim's time off and rushed to spend the rest of the evening watching the last Merrill to kick butt at state track! Lee amazed me... she is very fast. It was also fun to see all the Merrill's and eat nachos, pizza and pretzels... what a day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I think that the wrong girl was chosen to play Bella for the movie version of Twilight. I think Carrie would make a perfect Bella, look for yourself...

She has the beauty and the "Edward" tattoo to prove her credibility in the role!

These pictures were taken as a joke last summer... I came across them and thought it would be a fun post, since I'm all excited that they are currently filming the movie (which will be out in December!). I hope I didn't embarrass Carrie, if I were her I wouldn't be... I think she is beautiful!! PS my tattoo says Jacob

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sleepy Boy

Michael loves to sleep! My pictures of him are so boring. But he is growing so much that I thought, even though he is sleeping again, I need to show my big boy off! He is such a sweetheart, we are getting close to hearing a true giggle and I'm trying to capture his smiles on camera.

Just Like Mom

Even though Abbey can hold her own around her boy cousins, she still likes to be a girl. She loves to put lip gloss on and, if she is sneaky enough, makeup too. For some reason she only gets it around her mouth. The second picture doesn't do her makeup job justice, it was all over and a lot darker!