Monday, May 28, 2007

Good Eater!

Grandpa Webb would be proud of Abbey. She has created an attachment to Golden Puffs, Grandpa's favorite cereal. For one whole day she had to have the cereal bag with her everywhere she went! I let her keep it with her before her nap so that she would throw a fit and therefore not fall asleep. Once I didn't hear the noise of the crinkling bag I knew it was safe to sneak in and take a picture. To bad her hand wasn't in the bag, that would have been funny. What can I say, she loves to eat. Another fine example of Abbey's love
of food is shown in the pictures of her falling asleep in the car while eating Cheetos! She loved them as you can see on her face and fingers! We have to watch her in the kitchen. She will sneak in and get out cereal, syrup and honey in the cupboard! She loves the sugar! She eats healthy as well, she loves black olives, tomatoes, chicken noodle soup and Daddy's green chili beans! She really does love those beans, which makes for a few interesting days afterwards. Any pressure on her stomach and she sounds like Dad!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tim's worst day ever and Connie's best!

Those of you who know us real well, you probably know about the worst decision Tim has ever made in our married life.... Buying that stupid green motorcycle!! (green is a fitting color because it takes all of our greenbacks!) So, today has been the worst and best day for the both of us seeing that the motorcycle has been officially put up for sale!!!! (refer to and next months issue of cycle trader) Now don't get me wrong. Selling the motorcycle wasn't the thing that made it Tim's worst day ever. In fact, selling the motorcycle really is a great thing because it has been such a stress to him! What made it a bad day was the events leading up to getting the "dust collecting green machine" ready to be sold. It started yesterday with having to go buy a new battery. The old one was dead and un-rechargeable. The new one had to be charged all night and included Tim pouring the sulfuric acid into the battery himself (scary). Then the brake fluid had to be replenished and the chain oiled. Once the motorcycle was okay to ride, Tim rode it around the storage units parking lot. Tim told me that in the process he thought to himself "I hope I never have to ride that motorcycle again, every time I see it I hate it even more!" He ended the day with parking it back inside the unit amongst the many boxes piled high. After a well deserved nights rest Tim went back to the storage unit to change out the old battery with the new, now charged, battery. After lifting the door up he discovered that a box had fallen on top of the bike and broken off the side mirror!! Who knows how much that will cost but at least he got a picture of the bike yesterday before it was broken off. Needless to say my wonderful husband who never needs to hear "I told you so" came home feeling like he was being punished in some odd way. (I promise I really didn't say "I told you so") But all in all we are very happy and excited (and maybe a little nervous) to sell the motorcycle and get us out of unnecessary debt. So if anyone knows someone who would like to buy a beautiful green, hardly used, hardly been over 80 miles per hour and ridden only a handful of times motorcycle... contact us! (we will be replacing the mirror and will even include the jacket and helmet!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

swimming cousins!

Here is Wyatt, my sister Christine's boy. He had more fun running around the pool then being in the water!

This little cutie is Grace. She is my cousin-in-law and my sister-in-law Jenny's older sister Sara's littlest girl.(did that make sense?) She is very independent just like Abbey, but has a vocabulary that would shock you for a 2 year old!
Here is Grace's older sister Hannah, she looks just like her mom Sara. What a sweetheart!
Last but not least is Michael. His mom is Julie who is married to my cousin Tyler who is a brother to Sara's husband Derrick.(are you confused yet?) Micheal is a little tank and very cute! He loved floating in the water with his mom.
I didn't get a chance to capture Isabelle and Alexa in a picture but they are too cute as well. Their mom is Tara, she is the sister of Tyler and Derrick! Tenielle and Elise, who are sisters of Tara, Tyler and Derrick, where with us too but I didn't get a picture of them either!

First Swim of the Summer!

We had our first swim of the summer on Monday! It was a lot of fun. Abbey loves the water. She was so excited to see the water when we first got to the pool that I was afraid she would just jump right in! I wasn't sure how she would do in the water because she hasn't been swimming since last year around August (that would have made her around 10 months old). Lets just say that she was very confident and independent. More like too confident and too independent for my comfort zone! She didn't want mom to hold her and she didn't want to be in the floaties. She just wanted to be free! I had to let her sink under the water for a few seconds so she would understand that she can't be on her own where she can't touch the ground! By the end of the experience she realized that if she stuck to the shallow stairs she wouldn't have to be confined to mom's arms! She loved to float on her belly (like she does in the bath) and eat snacks in the pool! We also got to play with lots of cousins (Isabelle, Alexa, Hannah, Grace, Micheal, and of course Wyatt). What a Monday!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Abbey's Masterpiece

Our little Abbey is growing up so fast... Recently she has not had much interest in drinking the few bottles she gets before nap and bed time. So I thought, well lets try not giving her a bottle and see how she does. (My nurse practitioner told me the longer you wait after a year the more attached they get to them) She hasn't missed them for the past 3 days, except once! Daddy caved in and gave her a little milk. I guess she looked up at him with big eyes and held the bottle up saying "Baba"?!? (The wimp! Just Kidding) But so far so good. It should help my carpet from getting those annoying milk stains! Now I just have to buy the good sippy cups, which ones are the best?

Another mature thing Abbey has started to do is color. She colors so beautifully on the Bathroom DOOR!! I caught her in the act with some colored pencils last Thursday. Here are some pictures of her masterpiece... we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Office

Okay I know that I am not the only fan of The Office! What did you guys think? I had so much fun watching the show tonight with Carrie and Abbey. Thank goodness for Tivo, we had to pause it like 50 times because of Abbey and phone calls! I can't wait to see what happens next season with Jim and Pam... I know I am a nerd, oh well

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daddy and Abbey

Abbey fishing with Daddy last year
Abbey in Daddy's work boots
Hello everybody! This is officially my first blog! Notice the time it was posted... expect late posts often!! I have been so excited to get started on my blog since Monday and can't seem to find the time with my crazy days. Wednesday night, only two days since Monday, isn't that bad right?
I love to see Tim and Abbey together as Father and Daughter. It is so cute! Today was a great example of a Daddy - Daughter day. Since I was gone at the temple with my sister Carrie, Tim got to be best pals all morning with Abbey. He had so much fun with her. They washed Daddy's patrol car, took a warm bath, wrestled with each other, and walked around the neighborhood with Abbey's new stroller (a small Graco stroller for baby dolls). She loves that stroller! Thanks Grandma Merrill for getting it for her! Tim said that she pushed it all by herself, only stopping to pick up the rocks on the sidewalk and throw them back into the landscaped yards so as not to get in the way of her stroller! She walked all the way down to the neighborhood park and back, which is quite the walk for a 18 month old little girl. She would have kept right on walkn' too. When Tim tried to get her to head home she made a fuss resulting in him carrying a very upset little girl back home! She loves to be outside!!

I love to see Tim bond with Abbey... His schedule has been in the very least difficult for me to handle (working nights). But it does have a upside too. It allows him to spend the bulk of Abbey's day with her. He normally leaves during her afternoon nap. She is a lucky little girl to have such a great dad!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our First Blog!

Abbey at Grandma Merrill's
It was lots of fun to visit Grandma and Grandpa Merrill over our Mother's Day weekend! It was perfect weather and very relaxing. Abbey loved being outside in the grass rather than at home playing with rocks! On Monday afternoon we were able to have a BBQ with everyone. Abbey loved to play with her cousin Bode and 2nd cousins Makayla and Nathan! As I was watching them I noticed that Abbey is no longer a baby, she is a toddler in every sense of the word! They were having so much fun running around with each other and eating until they were quite literally sick! (I hope Bode is feeling better?!?) Abbey even started to say Bode's name before we left! I am also very glad to report that Abbey was sitting in Grandma's lap reading a book, and taking gummy bears willingly from Grandpa before we left!! I know she loves her Grandparents. We hope to visit again real soon! P.S. Tricia, if you could email me the pictures you took of Abbey I would love to have them to post! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!