Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BiG BoY!

Today I had my third ultrasound and diabetes testing. It was a long appointment but very interesting! The ultrasound came first. It was fun to see him moving around in there as usual. I even got to see him yawn really big! He likes to keep his arm and hand around his face so the tech couldn't get a real clear 3D picture of his face. She showed me his boy parts, which looked huge on that little screen. No mistaking his sex! The tech also mentioned that he was growing really well and very healthy looking. He is a big boy in the 96%!! When she gave me the pictures I finally got to examine the 3D of his face. Despite the hand and arm in the way I instantly saw how much he looks like his big sister!! The anticipation that he might actually look like me is no longer... looks like it will be another mini Tim.

Next came the sugar drink that burns your throat! While waiting the hour to get the blood work done, I saw my doctor for the follow up of the ultrasound. She too mentioned that he is a big boy, as was the case the last ultrasound. Since he is continuing the trend of being in a high percentile, she decided that to be safe, I will go in for a level 2 ultrasound next Monday. It will be a little bit more extensive in the measuring, to make sure that everything is normal. She said that everything was probably normal, but they just want to be on the safe side and check. This all really didn't surprise me, considering how big Abigail was and still is. We were told when Abbey was born that she was a boarder line large baby. So they did extra testing on her blood sugar and everything came back normal. Abbey has always been on the upper side of the percentiles with her growth. I'm not too worried, I just hope I don't have a ten pound baby!!
It's a BOY!! (if you can tell?) Profile of Michael

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Tutu Queen in Action!!

Here it is... the tutu queen dancing to the piano! It can get pretty annoying to hear that same beat over and over, but she loves it and even knows how to turn it on all by herself (that is saying something because there are a ton of buttons on the piano!). I especially love it when she shows off her "Cheese" face. No wonder why we can't take any good pictures of her!!

Clark Griswold?

I had no idea that I had married Clark Griswold!! Tim is a one of a kind husband. He doesn't like to watch sports on TV, he always helps with the cleaning, and he likes to put Christmas lights up!! There are not many men who enjoy the job of putting Christmas lights up, but I got lucky enough to find one. Tim and I got an early start on our Christmas lights because Tim will be going out of town all next week and for the first two weeks of December! I told him I wanted the lights up earlier than the last two weeks of December and he was all for it!! I was informed that we would not be putting the icicle lights up that we already had from Dad. Oh no, everyone else does those. We will be buying all new lights... So for two days we put up Christmas lights, well actually I only helped a little it was mostly Tim. The neighbors looked at us like we were crazy. One lady in a van stopped and laughed about how we were "one of those who have to be first in the neighborhood!" But we sparked something because our neighbor's, the Johnson's, started to put theirs up the day after we started ours! All the hard work paid off... the lights look great, even though we couldn't light them at night until Thanksgiving was over! Tim still has big plans for the front yard. He would like to put lights in the bushes and the tree. But for now we will enjoy looking at our very orderly and straight lights on the house! Merry Christmas and always remember, "The most enjoying traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin."

What Are We Thankful For?

There is much to be Thankful for in our lives. Our little Abigail is something Tim and I are very thankful for. She brings so much joy to our lives and we couldn't imagine life without her!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year was the "Webb" Thanksgiving (we switch holidays between our families every year). I was a little nervous about how it would turn out since it was the first year that we didn't have mom with us to celebrate. Even though we were short in numbers, I am happy to report that it was a great Thanksgiving! There was Tim, me and Abbey, and Dad and Carrie. I was most thankful that Tim and Dad were able to be home for the festivities. And later that evening Christine and Jared came over to visit (Cam and Jenny were with us in spirit!). So all morning it was Tim, Carrie and me cooking up a delicious storm, with Dad popping in here and there to help out and snack on the veggies with Abbey! Even though we only had 4 adults eating at our huge dinning room table, the food still filled the whole table! We ate like Kings and had plenty left over food for the next week! Later that evening after Abbey woke up from her late nap, we went to watch Enchanted at the theater. It was a lot of fun and Abbey wasn't too much trouble thanks to "Papa," popcorn, and the singing and dancing in the movie! All in all, it was a great day. We hope every ones Thanksgiving was full of food and fun memories. We missed all our family who weren't with us and hope to see you all soon!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Can you guess who the pregnant one is?

Here we are on our way to the movies!!

Abbey sitting by Daddy and the popcorn!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Little Song Bird

Yet another thing that I adore about my girl... she loves to sing, or I should say attempt to sing. This has been going on for a while now and she is actually getting better (by saying that I mean she will sort of be on tune!). Abbey has always loved music and singing since she was a baby. It would grab her attention like nothing else. I remember leading music in Relief Society up in Payson and she would sit on one of the ladies laps in the ward and just stare at me with the widest eyes (I think she was just a few months old, not even crawling). We sing songs before bedtime every night too. Lately she has been trying to sing along with me, which always makes me laugh and in return she laughs too. The funniest is at church. She will pretend to use the hymn book during the songs and will just sing out as loud as she can. Now she adds in some words here and there like "Abbey", "Daddy", "Mama", and "Papa." One time she got excited to go to Nursery (which she calls "Bubbles" because that is her favorite part about Nursery) during the closing hymn and in between her singing she laughed excitedly and sang "Bubbles!" She also sings to her movies songs sometimes. There is a commercial of some Land Before Time sequel on her Curious George movie that she loves. It is called Flip, Flap and Fly and Tim and I almost know all the words since we play it in the car all the time. Lady and the Tramp is another favorite of hers, she sings with the howling dogs in the pound! It's funny how I get use to her doing these things and don't think that it is a big enough deal to document. So I need to thank Carrie for seeing it as something that needs to be recorded. She took my camera the other day and recorded Abbey singing along with Lady and the Tramp. I hope you enjoy...

The Tutu Queen!

Thank you Aunt Heidi for getting Abbey a tutu for her Birthday. She has now become our tutu Queen. She puts it on all the time and especially when she wants to dance to music!! I came home from Scouts one day to find Aunt Carrie (who watched Abbey for me!) and Abbey dancing to the music and beats the piano plays (you know what I mean if you have been over at our house). Of course Abbey had her tutu on and was spinning in circles. Now she will run upstairs, grab her tutu, ask you to put it on and drag you by the hand over to the piano to dance with her. It can be a lot of fun but very tiring, just ask Tim!! She also has worn her tutu to the store. Needless to say we got a lot of laughs and comments about how cute she looked. But my favorite is when she has her tutu on and then will get her Belle purse and put on all the jewelery that is inside! I really need to be better about getting pictures of this... She is defiantly our girly-girl!

Casualties of Rock Landscapes!

Abbey loves to play outside, but playing outside in the dessert has its down side. Dang those people who thought "Rocks and Cactus would look good as landscape!" Unfortunately we are victims of that thought process!! Our beautiful rental with the big back yard is full of sharp rocks and dangerous cactus/bushes. That doesn't stop Abbey from begging to go "Outside!" and play to her hearts content. However, I usually end up having to go pick my baby up off the rocks while she cries in pain due to her countless falls! So my precious girl looks like a tomboy with the scrapped knees and bruises! Trust me, the pictures really don't do the "owies" justice! One day we dream of lush grass and flowers!

Warning: the following images may be disturbing to young viewers

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Tim and I pulled it off! Abbey's party was a success last Saturday, despite Tim and I running around like crazy and starting 15 min. late! Thank you everyone for coming out and dressing up! It was a hot day so I'm sure we all would have been more comfortable with out costumes on, but it was a lot of fun to be dressed up! Abbey had a blast playing with cousins at the park and opening all her gifts. Us adults had fun chatting and eating pizza, wings, carmel apples and cake and ice cream. Until next year...
This is how the makeup really turned out (except I don't have my awesome fake eyelashes on), just in case anyone thought I would go out in public looking like the other picture I posted earlier!
Here is my convict, Tim
Birthday girl Abbey was playing hard the minute we let her out of the car, here she is taking a drink of some root beer, notice the flushed cheeks!

A few pictures of our set up...

And now for some pictures of our party goers!

Misty, looking the scariest of all by far!

Jill helping Quinn eat his carmel apple Cam and Jenny with the army baby, LukeJulee, Aunt Dee, Grandma Jeanne, Great Grandmother Marj and LynnPete and BrittanyStephanie and Trevor helping the kids at the swingsCleopatra Carrie and Cat woman ChristineDad holding Luke
Abbey opening presents (she had lots of help from Megan, Melanie, Quinn, and Wyatt!)
It was a long, but fun afternoon... Here I am as we packed things up to go back home! (take a close look at the makeup, it was melting off!)