Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sweet Baby Shower!

I had been looking forward to going to Jenny and baby Stella's shower for a while! I knew it would be decorated so cute and have lots of sweet things to eat... plus another opportunity to see Stella! I wasn't disappointed! The decorations were so cute and the treats delicious. It was a lot of fun to see all the support given to Jenny and Stella. A lot of people have been waiting a long time to celebrate this new baby for Cameron and Jenny. We are so happy that they have a new baby girl to love! And trust me... she is loved, she got some really cool things and a ton of cute girly outfits! Things couldn't be more perfect!

Friday, June 27, 2008


For Jenny and baby Stella's shower, Carrie made yummy fruit dip. Abbey and I were lucky enough to have her make it at our house. That fruit dip is sooo good, just marshmallow cream and cream cheese mixed together. Abbey was in heaven licking the spoon! Marshmallow cream gets everywhere but is surprisingly very easy to clean up with a little water.

Yeah, that's me eating some left over straight from the bottle! (and I wonder why I'm not losing the baby weight!)

Thanks Aunt Carrie for making Abbey's day!

Too Cute

Why is it that the second baby seems to grow so fast? I don't know if its because they are trying to keep up with the first, or if its the mom not able to slow down as much and notice? One thing is for sure... when I come upon moments like these, I sure appreciate them a lot more.
Yes, Michael is sucking his thumb and cuddling with the blanket I crocheted for him... I love it!

I'm In There Somewhere

We all know that Abigail really is just a mini Tim. I don't think she has anything of me... at least in the looks department! Michael, on the other hand, may still have a chance of looking a little like me. I personally see a lot of Tim's dad David in Michael (those cheeks!), but I think there just may be a little of me in there! My dad came across this picture of mom holding me as a baby and thought that it looked like Michael. Judge for yourself. I just wish I looked as classic and beautiful as my mom!

Monday, June 16, 2008

To The Best Father

Tim really is the best father! He is very loved by me and the kids. Abbey is his little girl for sure and Mikey loves to be held by daddy. And I love him so much that I let him get his XBox 360... that takes a lot of love!! Just kidding! I couldn't ask for a better companion in raising children with. I love him lots...

Abbey and Mikey cuddling with dad on Father's day before bedtime (there favorite thing to do with dad!)

Tim really wanted a XBox, my step brother sold it to me so I got a good deal on a lightly used XBox. In fact, it has been set up in the house since last week... Tim didn't want to wait until Father's Day! We rented games and played them until 12:30 in the morning... I hope this won't be a trend!

First Father's Day!

Yesterday was a special day... not only was it father's day, but we got to go see baby Stella and first time parents Cameron and Jenny!! Jenny and Stella got home from Utah late Saturday night. I could hardly wait to go see Stella in person. It was so much fun to watch Cameron and Jenny, so content, showing off there precious little baby girl. She really is tiny too, she was born at 6 pounds 5 ounces on June 5th. What a cutie!! This little girl is going to be so spoiled by everyone!!

These two are just under 4 months apart! My son looks HuGe compared to a ten day old little girl!! I hope they will be great friends growing up!!

Natural Beauty

Christine recently gave me some picture cd's she had made with miscellaneous pictures from the past few months. I downloaded them and proceeded to take a look. To my surprise, and dismay, I found a few that were less than flattering yet too funny to not take joy in them. I thought, what the heck, I'll post them for a good laugh. We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes right? (I hope these can be clicked on to make bigger, because the blown up version is just soooo much funnier!)
This one, I must say, is my favorite!
In my defense... Jared took these, in fact I have a sneaky suspicion it was for the soul purpose of getting funny unsuspecting shots of me! I had gone to Christine and Jared's neighborhood ice-cream social. Hence the look of I really don't belong here but I will sit in the corner eating my yummy ice-cream all the same!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mom Can We Go Shopping?

Abbey enjoyed our shopping at San Tan mall yesterday. We made a quick trip to buy our growing boy some new clothes. (Pumpkin Patch is having a sell!) Tim stayed outside with Abbey and Mike while I got to browse shops with out kids. I came out to find this...
I forgot there about that water feature, but it was a great discovery! Abbey had a blast. Here she is in action...

Hula Girl

Memorial Day

I know its a little late to be posting about Memorial Day, but I'm behind! I spent Memorial Day at my Dad's while Tim spent it out on the beeline! (thankfully it was a quiet day/night for him!) We enjoyed swimming and lots of good food and sweets. It was fun spending time with Dad, Jackie, Christian, Carrie and Cameron. We missed Jenny, who was sick (blah!), and Christine and Jared who were in California (lucky!). Carrie and Cameron hadn't been back from Hawaii that long so there mood was still very much Maui -esque! Cameron played Carrie's ukulele and Carrie gave Abigail a grass skirt with lei she brought back. Of course Abbey loved it...

Carrie, Cameron and Connie

Dad, Abigail and Carrie... the ice cream we all are eating was Blue Bell Southern Hospitality, Jackie picked it up to try out and it was delicious!!

Abigail the Hula Girl!!

Mom and Mike

Cameron playing on the ukulele

Abigail playing on the ukulele, it reminds me of the boy in August Rush... she pounds on the strings a lot!

Mike doing what he does best!

Carrie breaking out the s'mores!!

I do love s'mores!

Carrie really loves s'mores...

So much that she leaves her self left overs for later!

Dad's choice of dessert... watermelon with sherbet

Mike loves Papa...

And Aunt Carrie...

And of course Mom!!


This little guy is growing so fast. He no longer is a newborn baby. I can't believe how fast that happens. All of the sudden my sleepy new baby is awake, giggling, rolling, grabbing for things and loving his newly discovered toes! He is such a joy to be around. I couldn't be more blessed with a sweet baby boy like him. He is so easy to make smile and giggle, really all you have to do is look at him and talk to him! He has such a calm, peaceful and happy influence in our home. We love our Mikey!!